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Sell Your Jewelry Safely & Get Top Dollar!

Who We Are

Sell to a 35 Year Old Business:   For  over 35 years, we have owned and operated National Watch and Diamond at 8th and Chestnut on Jewelers’ Row in Phila. Our primary business is buying valuables online nationwide from the public.  When considering where to sell your valuables, opt for a 35-year-old, trusted retail store like ours. We offer distinct advantages over many buying businesses that are factories set up in an office space. Our established wholesale and retail customer base allows us to pay a higher price for many of your items.  

Trust and Security:  Selling jewelry online can sometimes feel risky, with concerns about fraudulent buyers or questionable buying practices. Our retail store has a longstanding reputation built on integrity, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge in the jewelry and the luxury good industry. We offer valuable insights and guidance throughout the selling process.

In summary, selling your jewelry to a reputable retail store like National Watch and Diamond ensures a seamless and rewarding selling experience backed by expertise, trust, and convenience.