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The Truth About Diamond Grading, Gemstone Pricing, and Jewelry Resale Value

The Truth About Diamond Grading, Gemstone Pricing, and Jewelry Resale Value

Diamond Grading: Buyer Beware

Are jewelers over grading diamonds? A resounding yes. We have purchased hundreds of diamonds with appraisals and non-GIA certificates.  We have found the majority to be overstated by at least one or two grades, impacting their value.  Expert advice: Trust GIA-certified diamonds for accuracy and value.

Appraisals: Unveiling the Real Worth

Appraisal values are usually meaningless and inflated, misleading customers. A $11,500 appraisal may have a wholesale value of $3,500. Shoppers are urged to understand that an item’s worth is what someone will pay for it, not what’s written on the appraisal.

Insurance Alert: Know Your Policy

Insurance companies may opt to replace lost diamonds instead of paying inflated appraisal values. Consumers are advised to read policies carefully and consider the true value of their jewelry.

Colored Diamonds: Not Always a Gem

Black, coffee, and other colored diamonds are often a marketing ploy. These stones are typically low-quality white diamonds treated to appear unique, reducing retail prices but offering poor resale value.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Surprising Decline

Lab-grown diamonds, nearly indistinguishable from natural diamonds, have seen a significant drop in value, with limited demand in the resale market. Despite their appeal, these stones are becoming less desirable and are now priced at about 10% of natural diamonds.  Why would you buy one?  They are similar to imitation Louis Vuitton bags or replica Rolex Watches. 

Moissanite: The CZ Comparison

Moissanite’s resale value is negligible, comparable to cubic zirconia. Buyers should be aware of the value of moissanite is near zero. Buy natural diamonds.

Colored Gemstone Pricing: Buyer Beware

Colored Gemstone pricing can be misleading. Customers are often unaware of the true value. Seek stones with reputable grading certificates from institutions like GIA or AGL for high-value gemstones. Smaller, low quality-colored stones are usually not worth much. 

Enhancements and Treatment

Gemstones, especially expensive ones, are frequently treated with heat or oil to enhance their appearance. Buyers are urged to request GIA certificates to disclose any enhancements and understand the stone’s true value. Many Diamonds are filled, lasered or treated in other ways to hide imperfections. 

Jewelry Sales Tactics: The Cost of Gimmicks

Financing, sales, and trade-up policies increase the price customers pay. Stores that avoid these practices offer a fairer shopping experience.

Designer Jewelry: Premium Value

Designer jewelry from renowned artists like Van Cleef, Tiffany, Cartier, and Yurman command higher prices. They hold their value better for resale and are good items to buy preowned. 

Factors for Resale Value

Desirability is paramount when determining resale value. Jewelry with widespread appeal, like diamond bands or stud earrings, tends to fetch higher prices than less sought-after pieces.