We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Precious Metals

We Buy Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium Precious Metals

Precious Metals

Gold, Platinum, Sterling & Palladium
Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings,
Watches, Links & Pendants
Broken, Bent & Unsalable
Electronic Components
Any Weights & Sizes


Gold, Platinum, Sterling & Palladium Pebbles, Shavings & Nuggets
All Weights & Sizes


Sterling Silver
Knives, Spoons & Forks
Tea Sets
Serving Trays
All Weights & Sizes


Gold, Platinum, Sterling & Palladium
Custom Grillz
Fillings & Caps

IMPORTANT: We do not buy copper, filled and/or plated jewelry, rocks or unrefined precious metals.

Gold Prices Are Near Their All-Time High!

Look through your jewelry box for tangled chains, school rings, and items you no longer wear. We will pay top prices for all jewelry, diamonds, gold and watches.

Precious Metals Questions & Answers

What is scrap jewelry?

Answer:Scrap is jewelry that will get melted down and sold for the gold, silver, palladium or platinum value. If the item is stylish and in demand, we will pay more than the scrap value as we have many buyers for nice jewelry.

Do you buy broken jewelry?
Answer:Answer: Yes, as long as it’s gold, silver, palladium or platinum.
What types of precious metals do you buy?
Answer: Jewelry, scrap, coins, bars, anything that has gold, silver, platinum or palladium content.
What types of precious metals do you NOT buy?
Answer: Copper, filled, plated or base metal.
Do you purchase dining flatware?
Answer: Yes, as long if it’s stamped sterling or sterling silver.
Is there a limit to how much precious metals I can mail you?
Answer: No!
What if gemstones and diamonds are mixed in my broken jewelry?
Answer: We pay extra for all diamonds and some colored stones depending on size and quality.
Do you buy paper money?
Answer: Yes, if they are graded or rare.
Do you buy electronics with gold-printed components?
Answer: Yes! It depends on what you have.
Is your FREE jewelry appraisal kit insured?
Answer: Yes!