What is a Jewelry Appraisal Kit?

  • Our Jewelry Appraisal Kit is a safe and secure way to sell your no longer wanted gold and jewelry online.
  • Clients have the option of either downloading their Jewelry Appraisal Kit directly or we can mail the Jewelry Appraisal Kit directly to your preferred location.
  • All necessary materials that will let you safely package and mail us your valuables are included in the Jewelry Appraisal Kit.
  • All Jewelry Appraisal Kits are insured and trackable online.
  • Included in the Jewelry Appraisal Kit:
    • Welcome Letter ‐ This provides your unique transaction number, your FedEx tracking number, and step-by-step instructions about how to request a FedEx pickup.
    • Customer Return Card ‐ This card ensures we have all the information about the valuables you wish to sell and your preferred payment method. Please make sure this information is complete and accurate.
    • Zip Safety Bag ‐ This 7.3″ × 3.5″ polymer material bag is pre-labeled with your unique client information. It is a Zip Safety Bag that is water and tear proof and ensures the safety of your valuables. It lets you gather and include all the valuables you wish to sell.
    • Bubble Pouch ‐ Gather your valuables and put them in the Zip Safety Bag, you will further secure them in this bubble wrap pouch.
    • FedEx Shipping Label ‐ A prepaid & insured FedEx Express shipping label is attached to a sturdy Mailing Envelope. This puncture free envelope is designed to contain the bubble pouch holding the Zip Safety Bag that protects your valuables.

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