Can I ship my items without using an appraisal kit?

Yes, of course! Those who do that will be responsible for the in-bound shipping charges to our facility. will not be liable or responsible for lost or damaged merchandise sent to us without using our Jewelry Appraisal Kit.

If you do not use our Jewelry Appraisal Kit, please follow the directions below:

  1. Gather up your merchandise and put it in a strong, sturdy, and secure bag.
  2. By email or SMS, send us a notification stating you are sending
    valuables to us for appraisal. Be sure that that the notification
    includes a) your full name, b) your mailing address, c) your preferred
    contact phone number, and d) your email address. Send your
    notification email to:
  3. Package and ship your valuables to the following address:

    106 S 7th
    Philadelphia, PA, 19106