Viren Bhagat

Viren Bhagat is considered one of the best designers and goldsmiths of today. He is known for having the priciest jewelry in India and his jewels are always in high demand. Bhagat’s family are also Indian jewelers and have been in the business for a century. His family specialized in selling mass productions of gems and eventually started to develop and produce custom Indian jewelry made to order.  In the 1960s, Viren Bhagat’s father opened a jewelry store with his brothers in Mumbai. Bhagat’s father managed the jewelry department, so from a young age he acquired an interest in jewelry. During the 1980s, Bhagat worked in Kuwait at his uncle’s store but had a strong desire to become a goldsmith. In 1991, he opened his own store in Kemps Corner with his brothers. The brother made everything from scratch and each piece expressed complete creative freedom.