Victoria-Ana Nunez Brilanti

Victoria-Ana Nunez de Brilanti (1910 – 1999) Victoria is the trade name of this distinguished Taxco Silver designer. She opened her first shop, Victoria, in 1940. When she opened her workshop, William Spratling gave her support and friendship. Simultaneously, Margot de Taxco offered advice to improve the quality of her work.
Victoria is credited with introducing the metales casados or married metals technique to Taxco. She designed sterling silver jewelry out of silver and copper that contained no backing making the front and back look similar.
Victoria’s creations incorporate many designs in her jewelry that include flowers, animals, fish, nature and Pre-Columbian art. She also created unique, modern designs. She was a strong advocate of the 1948 Eagle mark system to assure quality.
In the early 1950’s, she and her immediate family opened Cony, the shop named for her eldest daughter. Much of the jewelry created by Victoria and Cony is in grade 980 silver, an almost pure form of silver. Before she passed, Ana spoke out about what she believed was the poor quality of silver coming from Taxco workshops since the late 1980’s.