VIBHOR Gems (Est. 2000) In the promotional material for the show that JCK Las Vegas holds annually in that Nevada city, the company states, “Precision, passion and perfection are the core of Vibhor Gems. We are the prime manufacturer of machine set diamond wedding and anniversary bands made using state of the art technology. The manufacturing process of our collection is started from a solid piece of porosity free, die-struck metal and is machine set with perfectly calibrated diamonds.”
On the site, LinkedIn, the company describes itself as a “family-owned US manufacturer of premium diamond bands and core-jewelry [that is] based in New York City on Fifth Avenue and that specializes in helping Independent Retail Jewelers to differentiate themselves by creating a Private Label Store Brand in Core Diamond Essentials.”
It goes on to claim, “This helps the retailer … elevate the experience in one of the most important categories in the jewelry business. With more than 200 years of manufacturing expertise on our team, Vibhor combines modern technology with the highest levels of craftsmanship to produce a finished core diamond story for the most discerning of tastes.”
To achieve this, Vibhor Gems utilizes only the best quality materials in diamonds, colored stones and metals (18kt gold, nickel-free and Platinum) to produce a wide-range of diamond and color-stone essentials.
Vibhor specials in Core Diamond Essentials includes die-struck bands, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. In addition to the metals the brand uses, their creations employ rose and yellow gold combined with diamonds and colored-stones, including ruby, sapphire, tsavorite, and pink-and yellow-sapphire.
In an Indian dialect, “Vibhor” means Ecstatic. The brand strives to live up to its name and continue in the spirit of Indian tradition and innovation. It has blended the Indian heritage of craftsmanship and ethnic designs with modern, contemporary art to present a range of traditional, modern, and ethno-contemporary jewelry for its clients.
Whether it is diamonds or its enthralling gems, each piece used in the jewelry collection is carefully handpicked, tested and segregated by qualified gemologists and diamond graders associated with the brand. The diamonds and gems are sourced from authentic miners and manufacturers making each piece conflict free.
In addition to authenticity, the team working with the company maintains a high degree of precision in carefully crafting and finishing each piece of jewelry, whether precious, semi- or non-precious. The firm uses the latest technology combined with traditional techniques to assure an unparalleled finish.
Its most popular pieces include high-quality die-struck rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets in diamond and colored stones while offering custom-options for retail jewelers’ customers. These include developing Private Label Branding.
Vibhor endeavors to set up a powerful brand story for jewelers that is built on a foundation of high-quality core diamond and color-stone jewelry quickly delivered to the independent retailer.
With its finished US-made products, custom-displays, quality visuals, and in-store training, Vibhor gives these retailers the opportunity to realize effective gross-margins and to deliver great value to their customers.
In May 2015, Vibhor announced that author and former Hearts On Fire executive Peter Smith was appointed president of the company. Smith’s career includes 30 years building retail sales teams and working in wholesale. In addition to serving as executive vice president of brand development at Hearts on Fire, he also held positions at Leo Schachter & Co. and Tiffany & Co. He is also the author of “Hiring Squirrels: 12 Essential Interview Questions to Uncover Great Retail Sales Talent” and remains a columnist for the publication, National Jeweler.
Vibhor’s merging of precision technology, die-struck metal, and precision cut diamonds results in ultimate pieces of fine jewelry with extraordinary fire and brilliance, The firm is strongly committed to precision jewelry manufacturing.