Ross Haynes Designs

Ross Haynes Designs (Est. 1999?) This company’s official website introduces itself with the statement, “We are Ross Haynes and Julia Reynolds. For over twenty years we have been creating fine gold jewellery at our waterfront design studio, located on beautiful Vancouver Island, Canada.”
Ross Haynes is one of Canada’s premier gold jewelry designers. Experts in the industry have described his work as elegant, masterful and gorgeous. The studio’s location where Ross and Julia can see glistening waves, sandstone beaches, magnificent trees, seaside wildlife often inspires the brand’s creations.
Every piece of jewelry from their workshop is made completely by hand and unique. Starting with pure 24 karat gold coins or refined 24 karat granules, they use their own alloys to mix the gold to the required karat. While most of the work is in 14K yellow, they work with any karat in white, yellow, or rose. Also note that for white gold, they use an alloy called, ‘ultra-white’ that does not require rhodium plating which can wear off.
The brand offers several design styles for everyday wear and/or for formal occasions. From wire comes their gypsy-like, large link-style necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. These pieces usually have a hammered texture finish. Also from wire, they forge a clean, high polished, European look. They create formed bracelets, cuffs, and hammered hoop-and-button-style earrings made from sheet. “Anti-clastic” pieces, which curve in opposite directions like a saddle, are also made from sheet. Creations also include link style bracelets, bangles, cuffs, brooches, and rings. The company invites potential clients to submit custom designs for consideration.
With both classic and contemporary styles available, Ross Haynes’ jewelry is sold through family-owned stores and galleries in Canada and the United States including Hawaii, Vail, Carmel, and San Francisco.
“A solidly-constructed, well-designed piece of jewelry has integrity and grace. It gives both the wearer and the creator much satisfaction.” –Ross Haynes