Rosa Van Parys

Rosa Van Parys (Est. 2016)

Rosa Van Parys was born in Quito, Ecuador. After graduating from high school, she attended the Université Paul Valéry in France, where she earned a degree in Graphic and Plastic Arts. After she returned to Ecuador, she earned a degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture at Catholic University. Eventually, she pursued a master’s degree in Building Science from the University of Southern California (USC), and a Master’s in Design from Harvard.

It was while Rosa was attending USC that she met her future husband. In 2012, Rosa and her husband opened a boutique that catered to upmarket residential projects in Newport Beach and Malibu.

Van Parys initially considered jewelry-making as stress relief. At first, she experimented with beads and macramé, but as she encountered deluxe materials that included malachite, lapis, agate, gold leaf, onyx and alabaster in her architectural commissions, she started to incorporate these into her jewelry pieces.

Rosa created her first piece from emerald-cut aquamarines that belonged to her grandmother and she placed on white gold multi-chains. After creating and wearing a few of her designs, she began to receive requests from friends and acquaintances about the jewelry. She was even stopped on the street by the curious who wanted to know where she purchased what she wore. She considered this feedback a sign and with her husband as partner, she began her jewelry making career.

Since neither she nor her husband had any real experience in jewelry creation, marketing, or public relations, plotting a course through this field has been instinctual. In an interview with the New York Times, Mrs. Van Parys said “We had no training in jewelry, but when you’re an architect you’re a problem-solver.” 

Her website states that her designs are “inspired by creation, motivated by design” and “driven by intrigue.” The pieces are “personal and edgy.” Indeed, her Facebook banner states that her designs are “Elegance with An Edge.” 

Her collection incorporates precious and semi-precious stones that are then are set in 18k yellow, white, rose or black gold. Van Parys’ pieces are playful and elegant, with recurring motifs of animals, disco balls, skulls and cones. In the same New York Time article, she states, “I just love the edge.” She has also designed pieces based on her love of tennis: tennis ball and racket necklaces are produced in 18k gold and diamonds.

The jewelry line possesses an aesthetic rooted in timelessness but reflects her “citizen of the world” identity and her knowledge of how design has influenced the world through an architect’s eye.

Mrs. Van Parys currently resides in Westlake Village, California with her husband and their two children.