Rona Fisher Jewelry Designs

Rona Fisher Jewelry Design (Est. 1991) is a nearly thirty year-old business that creates handmade jewelry and alternative wedding rings in recycled gold. Rona’s jewelry pieces are inspired by rivers, especially the rush of water over stones, and by textures used in ancient forged iron. Her pieces are characterized by asymmetry that creates balance and a sense of movement. By fusing these concepts, Rona creates handmade pieces that also display a distinctive approach to elegance.
Painter-turned-jewelry-designer, Rona Fisher describes her work as "organic with an urban edge." Working from her studio in Center City, Philadelphia, she enjoys the buzz of an urban setting, yet takes much of her inspiration from nature. Motifs reminiscent of riverbeds, flowing water, and pebbles all make their way into her contemporary designs.
Fisher works in solid precious metals, including sterling silver, various colors of 14k and 18k gold, and palladium. Her process begins with sketches, which are then translated to 3-D CAD models. Each piece is created using wax casting and fabrication techniques. Parts are fused and soldered, and surface texture is often added using a range of hand tools. Many pieces also include bezel-set gemstones.
A self-taught jeweler, Rona Fisher holds a BFA in painting from the University of the Arts (formerly Philadelphia College of Art). She discovered craft in San Francisco in the early 1980s and began her jewelry career in the late 1980s while living in Munich. It was there that she was inspired by German goldsmiths and their use of simple, dramatic forms and high standards of craftsmanship.
A June 2020 entry in Fisher’s online blog states, “Some of my newest loves to my collection are the Mountain Plateau Rings. I’ve found some charismatic green tourmalines which I think of as rough rose cuts. They have fewer facets than the traditional rose cuts, and are cut high and bold. The colors range from Sea Foam and Mint to Dark Forest Green. The shapes are a free form cushion cut. There’s a spontaneity and freedom to these one-of-kind cuts that I find inspiring and reminiscent of mountain rocks. Each ring is shaped to fit the individual stone.”
She goes on to explain, “They are hand cut by real people who simply cut whatever looks good to their eye. No going deep into trying to create the perfect gem. The simple joy of revealing color and depth and character in the stone was what inspired me to think of them as mountains.”
Each one of a kind ring is created to accommodate the singular shape and size of its stone. Unique, individual and rugged, these rings pay tribute to the earth’s tumultuous evolution.
Rona's design process starts with a sketch. Some pieces are then transferred into a CAD program, drawn in 3D, then printed and cast. Other pieces are totally hand fabricated.
Each design is created using the most appropriate and best tool. The parts are then fused, surface textures added by hand, and gemstones are set. All pieces are made of precious metals using responsibly recycled 18k gold, sterling silver, and palladium.
The house’s master bench jeweler, Lorelie, has been with the company for over 9 years. She works alongside sole designer Fisher to create the unique jewelry designs. She specializes in unique wedding and engagement rings, custom and one-of-a-kind designs that are organic with an urban edge.
The organic sensibility of the creations make them eye-catching and elegant. The fact that the designs also feature more natural-looking elements with industrial metals adds an urban edge to each piece. Whether custom or not, each piece is crafted completely by hand to add a one-of-a-kind feel.
The wide array of items available from Rona Fisher Jewelry Design includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more. Fisher also creates some men’s jewelry and crafts custom pieces for her customers.
Rona’s design studio and showroom resides within Philadelphia’s Kensington Arts District. Her award-winning luxury pieces can be found in boutiques and art galleries throughout the United States.
Rona Fisher’s designs have been featured in numerous publications including the JCK Trend Report, National Jeweler’s Style File, MJSA Journal and InStore Magazine.
Rona exhibits her jewelry designs at high end craft and luxury trade shows that include NY Now and the Baltimore American Craft Council Show.
Fisher’s extensive selection of jewelry includes earrings (studs, cuffed, dangle, hoops), rings (stacked and wedding), bracelets (chain and cuff), pendants, necklaces (long, chain, bar), and notably the Wavy Pebbles Bar Necklace with rubies, plus men’s rings and the Wild River Textured Cuff Bracelet.
Her collections are named River Pebbles, Skinny Pebbles, Free Form, and Mountain Stream.
The diamonds that Fisher utilizes are all uniquely cut so as to throw around the light to which they are exposed. Some are sultry black and sparkle like night magic. Others are snow white and transparent sparkling like the sun on rushing water. Some are various shades of silvery grey, like rocks wet from a riverbed. All have a story to tell when worn.
Fisher’s one of a kind pieces are designed from unique gemstones. Every gem has its own character which Rona captures in each piece of jewelry made just for that stone, using responsibly recycled precious metals.
Stores that sell Rona Fisher Jewelry are located in California, Maine, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington DC, and online at
Rona’s currently proposed exhibits includes one in Tarrytown, NY in September 2020 and at the Philadelphia Open Studio Tour scheduled for October 2020.
"Each item is a unique piece of art that allows the wearer to share in the energy and inspiration that created it." - Rona Fisher