Robert De Mario

Robert De Mario (Est. 1945 – 1965) Sources disagree about whether Robert De Mario began his jewelry design career in the 1940s working for assorted New York City designers or specifically with Miriam Haskell. This could be because De Mario’s work is occasionally confused Haskell’s as there is a similarity in the intricacy of both designers’ beadwork and pearl designs. There is, however, no disagreement that De Mario opened his own shop in New York City in 1945.
De Mario Jewelry includes De Mario necklaces, necklace parures, i.e. De Mario Necklace sets, brooches and pins. He may best known though for necklaces that intertwine seed pearls and leaves.
De Mario jewelry exhibits beautiful design and excellent craftsmanship and often incorporates hand-sewn brass strung threads and flux pearls in displays of pleasant colors, fashions and styles He also worked with faceted beads, pearls, including baroque pearls, and rhinestones.
Much of De Mario’s work is in unique clusters of glass beads, pearls, and rhinestones wired onto an ornate, gilt filigree base. Many of De Mario’s creations use faceted Austrian crystal beads and rhinestones that clearly exhibit superior craftsmanship and boldness of design.
De Mario closed his shop in 1965 and reportedly retired to Florida. De Mario vintage jewelry is rare on the market as production was limited. It is, however, highly collectible and can command high prices.
It should also not be confused with ”Robert” or “Original by Robert,” the mark used by the Fashioncraft Jewelry Company.
De Mario used several marks including, “De Mario” with and without a copyright symbol, “De Mario NY,” “Hagler for De Mario,” and “Hagler/De Mario.”