Reveriano Castillo

Reveriano Castillo (???? – ????) A member of the famous Castillo family of Taxco, Mexico, Reveriano was among the first silversmith apprentices at William Spratling’s (“The Father of Mexican Silver”) workshop, Las Delicias. He worked there from 1934 -1939 and executed many Spratling designs.
In 1939, he joined Taller Borda that Hector Aguilar founded that year. Reveriano and his wife Maria moved on and worked for Los Castillo for ten years where Reveriano taught others, including Maria de Taxco, the art of developing enamel on silver.
In 1952, he and Maria established their own workshop called, Reveri. Maria was the designer and Reveriano the silversmith. They created unique designs that were complex assemblies of small parts that featured braiding and weaving. Their later work is spare and smooth without much patterning occasionally incorporating niello inlay.
Their work in jewelry included rings, bracelets, brooches that sometimes double as pendants, earrings, cuff links, and pins. These often employ pre-Colombian and Aztec designs. The shop also produced some holloware as well as picture frames and spoons.
Their marks include an “R” inside a “C” with the word “sterling” in an arc across the top and the words “Taxco Mexico” in an arc across the bottom. Some pieces include an inventory number. The lower the number, the earlier it was made.
Their gorgeous work is in hand wrought sterling silver. Some experts marvel at how their designs progressed from drawing on historic styles to more modern designs.
The Reveri shop closed in 1992.