Pristine Gemstone Jewelry

Pristine Gemstone Jewelry (Est. 1992) also known as Pristine Gems is an online artisan gemstone jeweler specializing in precision cut, wholesale loose gemstones and sapphire engagement rings. Known throughout the U.S. and Canada, Rogerio Graca has been cutting colored gemstones for custom jewelry, engagement rings, as well as wedding and vintage-style rings for over 24 years. Graca uses masterful and precision cut gemstones, which put his sapphires in the top 5% of quality cut gemstones in the world.

The company is operated and supervised by Rogerio and Andrea Van Wilgenburg who are a husband and wife team based in their home and running a boutique gemstone jewelry business just outside of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Rogerio began as a professional gem cutter/lapidary and wholesaler of gemstones to jewelers more than 24 years ago. He learned the fine art of gem cutting in Brazil, his home country, and a country widely renowned for its gemstones.

Rogerio uses a “Precision Cut” machine that lets him cut his gemstones at their correct refractive index. Not all colored gemstones on the market are cut properly (only about 5% are precision cut). A gemstone must be cut at its correct refractive index to reach its potential brilliance.

Refractive index is the angle in the very bottom of the gemstone that corrects the bend of the light when it enters the gemstone. The correct refractive index of a gemstone allows light to be reflected back 100% and exit fully from the top of the gemstone contributing to the highest possible brilliance.

Andrea is the firm’s design consultant coordinating projects between customers and the company’s CAD technicians. Each team members has honed their skill over many years; among these are the gem cutter, CAD and casting technicians, and the company’s master stone setter. This team creates beautiful, high quality, fine gemstone jewelry.

On occasion, the firm uses components made by Stuller, a US supplier of jewelry components to North American Jewelers for over 40 years.

The accent diamonds used in the company’s mounts are purchased in the US and are conflict free as determined by the Kimberly Process. Most of the gold in the settings comes from recycled and refined material.

Any item priced over $1800 US is automatically eligible for a complimentary appraisal. Items valued below $1800 US can be appraised or certified for an additional fee.

Because it is considered a conflict of interest to use an in-house gemologist to appraise a company’s own stones and jewelry, Pristine uses a 3rd party GIA trained gemologist and licensed appraiser, Ishy Jewellery and Gemmology based in Halifax, NS.

The company’s creations include one of a kind gemstone earrings, pendants and rings designed to complement the natural beauty of the gemstones using natural and ethically sourced gemstones. Among the stones used in the pieces are emeralds, rubies, alexandrite, tourmalines, spinels, opals, aquamarine, peridot, garnet, citrine, and topaz.

All are precision cut by Rogerio who works exclusively with a precision cut machine when cutting stones. The main visible difference between precision cut gemstones and native cut gemstones (stones cut in their native countries using traditional equipment) is the extra brilliance and appeal only seen in precision cut gemstones.

The introduction of precision cut machines in recent years has revolutionized the art of gem cutting giving the gem cutter the ability to unveil the inner beauty of every gemstone as never before.  Despite the introduction of the precision cut machine, over 95% of colored gemstones on the market today are still cut using traditional machines.

Among the firm’s notable creations are its Sapphire Engagement Rings that can provide endless combinations of colors, shapes and designs to uniquely symbolize a couple’s love. Whether it is an oval peach sapphire in a rose gold vintage mount, a blue sapphire in a classic three stone ring, a teal sapphire in a halo ring, or a white sapphire in a solitaire rose gold ring, customers can express the uniqueness of their relationship because natural sapphires are available in an endless array of colors, shapes and sizes.

Some examples are the Kate Middleton Blue Sapphire Ring, the Teal Blue Green Sapphire Rose Gold Ring, the Peach Sapphire Rose Gold Engagement Ring, and the Pear White Sapphire Rose Gold Engagement Ring.

Other notable creations include a teal sapphire rose gold bridal set, a radiant cut Medium Light Blue Green Sapphire, an oval Light Mint Green Sapphire, the Cushion Parti Sapphire, the Parti Sapphire Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring, and the Art Deco Blue Green Sapphire Rose Gold Ring.Some of the company’s creations have been featured in Huff Post Weddings and in another layout displaying 22 Colorful Engagement Rings For Brides Who Dare To Be Different.