Precision Set

Precision Set (Est. 1987) is one of the exceptional creators of engagement and wedding rings as well as one of the few remaining companies to design, manufacture, distribute, and offer support from one location in the United States. Their inventory contains several beautiful collections with dozens of options and customization possibilities.

For over thirty years Precision Set has been known for exceptional quality, painstaking attention to the smallest detail, and timeless elegance incorporated into every stunning creation. Whether it’s the most delicate heirloom ring or the boldest statement piece, each ring is designed and handcrafted in the company’s Dallas headquarters using only the finest precious metals and gemstones. From conception to completion, skilled artisans and world-class craftspeople, stone setters, fabricators, casters, hand-engravers, and finishers collaborate to redefine classic elegance.

Their designers bring a rich history of tradition from work experience at well-known flagship jewelry companies including Tiffany & Co and Neiman Marcus. Every Precision Set employee contributes to the overall quality of its products and service whether by skill, insight or experience.

Precision Set selects only the finest quality metals and gemstones. All classic bands are available in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold and platinum. Precision Set hand calibrates each stone twice to ensure correct sizing.

Their collections include Classic with each of the bands uniquely and carefully crafted to fit perfectly flush with the Petite FlushFit and FlushFit Collections or to be worn alone as a statement piece. Offered in luxurious Platinum, Gold or Palladium to fit any finger size, bands are created to be worn for a lifetime.

The Extraordinary Collection is defined by exquisite craftsmanship. This bridal collection is made with only the finest precious metals and diamonds and exudes excellence from the delicate setting to the meticulous design details. Starting at 2.00CT and up, this sophisticated collection is marked by exacting standards and superb quality.

Designed to fit today’s active lifestyles, the New Aire collection is comprised of tailored and timeless bridal designs uniquely crafted for a dazzling look. The low-profile setting showcases classic elegance with a modern silhouette. It’s designed for stones from 0.50CT to 2.00CT.

Introduced in 2001, the FlushFit was an industry first. It gave brides an endless selection of coordinating bands that sit completely flush with all semi mount options and styles, including solitaires, diamond semi mounts, and three-stone combinations. The pieces are crafted in a variety of styles and widths, ranging from classic solitaires to bold couture fashions and are designed to fit any center stone.

The Petite FlushFit collection is brought to life with the same seamless fit as the traditional FlushFit in a more delicate setting. Each semi mount option is designed to fit perfectly flush with any Petite Precision Set band and is made for stones from 0.50CT to 2.00CT.

Featuring a low profile setting that showcases the opulence of large stones, the Silk collection is visually appealing yet remains comfortable on the hand. The delicate setting is offered in half and full round bands, semi mounts, and three-stone rings.

For men, the Bands Collection showcases classic bands with an assortment of contemporary styles and unique characteristics including coin edge, metal mixing, and individual finish treatments. From rugged to refined, each Precision Set Men’s band provides style and defined character.

From grand statement pieces to delicate embellishments, each and every piece in the Precision Set Fine Jewelry collection features beauty and craftsmanship. The distinctively crafted platinum and 18k gold ensembles—from bracelets, earrings and necklaces to stunning pendants—are innovatively designed for style and meticulously hand-crafted for allure.

Once the pinnacle of the diamond cutter’s art, the cushion cut was the style of choice for such legends as the Hope and Regent diamonds. Over the years, the traditional cushion cut was set aside in favor of styles more forgiving of a diamond’s flaws and less demanding of the diamond cutter’s skill.

Today, Precision Set offers a new collection of cushion cut diamond jewelry that is reminiscent of a more glamorous age. Elege’ by Precision Set in partnership with Master Diamond Cutter Jack Reiss, rekindles elegance. It is the only collection on the market to offer a true antique cushion cut- not modified style.

Elege’ features diamonds of 1.00 carat and above that are GIA and AGS certified “brilliant.” Set with diamonds of mesmerizing beauty, in square or elongated shapes, softly rounded shoulders come alive, even in the soft glow of candlelight. Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works and Jack Reiss LLC have captured the warmth, the grace, the subtle perfection of a more romantic past- and returned to a style of timeless beauty.

Forevermark is the world’s most carefully selected diamonds. Each Forevermark diamond is beautiful and rare and also responsibly sourced. Precision Set has been selected as a Forevermark manufacturer. 

The Precision Set Forevermark collection offers a complete range of impeccably made classic to contemporary jewelry using Forevermark diamonds. This combination creates a flawless masterpiece from every point of view. Forevermark diamonds are offered in a range of shapes and crafted to perfection.

With Precision Set the name really says it all: They are perfectionists when it comes to the set and finish. The company believes that jewelry has always been one of the ultimate forms of personal expression and that it is more enduring than fashion and more intimate than words. It is with this belief in mind that they continue to create innovative designs in wedding and anniversary rings.

Whether contemporary or classic, fashioned in platinum or gold, every Precision Set ring is created with the finest gems and materials and delivers unsurpassed craftsmanship.