Pekka Piekäinen aka Piekäisen

Pekka Piekäinen aka Piekäisen (1945 – 2004) When Pekka Piekäinen passed away at the early age of 59, he was a well-known, respected, and honored Finnish modernist jewelry designer. He was the second child of Martti and Elma Piekäinen, who owned a watch and jewelry store in Helsinki called, Piekäinen Oy they established in 1939.
Pekka started his career with Kaunis Koru in the 1960’s. He later moved to Auran Kultaseppä Oy, the second oldest Finnish jewelry maker. While there from 1971 to 1989, Piekäinen was artistic director and head designer.
In 1991, he founded his own business PlatinOro Oy. It exists today as a silversmith company that makes reproductions of Piekäinen’s work. Unlike many artisans of his time and heritage, Piekäinen’s designs were not directly inspired by nature. In his creations, he tried to make sense of these forms so he could incorporate them into his modernist style.
Piekäinen’s pieces include rings, bracelets, earrings, silverware, and, most especially, bracelet watches. His unique pieces have clean, smooth, sleek, timeless geometrical shapes and lines. He is also known for the contributions he made to the watch designs of Tissot, Omega and Lanco.
Piekäinen received the State Design Prize in 1979 and was recognized by the Finnish Goldsmith Association in 2002 as a Finnish pioneer for the first series of design watches made for mass production.