Ostbye & Anderson

Ostbye & Anderson (Est. 1920) is a leading manufacturer of bridal and related jewelry that has been serving fine jewelers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe for one hundred years. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, it focuses its design talents and resources on products that achieve broad base consumer appeal. It also offers point of sales display programs, effective marketing and advertising aids and materials, and fast ship programs such as Ostbye Overnight.
When Walter Ostbye and E. Gust Anderson founded the company in 1920, it was in a subbasement in downtown Minneapolis. Over the years, the company strived to give its customers unparalleled service, quality and value. Today, its mission and values continue in its own state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot factory located in a Minneapolis suburb.
No company can survive almost 100 years without committed, talented employees and dedicated loyal customers. The company serves fine retail jewelers in its mission is to be ‘supplier of choice to the retail jewelry industry.’ The company commits its resources to create the best customer experience, not simply meeting customer’s needs, but exceeding their expectations.
To achieve this, Ostbye & Anderson actively listens and interact with customers, employees, suppliers, and industry leaders. It develops products and programs that achieve broad-based consumer appeal, cultivates an environment of continuous improvement, and embraces innovation, creativity and technology to drive proactive, positive and profitable change.
The company sells Bridal, Fashion, and Anniversary rings and wraps plus diamond bracelets, pendants, and earrings. Its collections are named Shimmering Diamonds and Diva Diamonds.
It also sells an assortment of Marriage symbols (both religious and secular), Men’s bracelets, card cases, cufflinks, key rings, money clips, necklaces, pens, and wedding bands made of ceramic, cobalt chrome, and titanium.
The company’s Family Jewelry Design Center offers Father Rings, Mother Pendants (both diamond and traditional), and Mother Rings (both diamond accent and traditional).
Ostbye's comprehensive collections include bridal jewelry, anniversary bands, Reflections of Color, men's diamond jewelry, and family jewelry.