Omi Gems Jewelry Company

The Omi Gems Jewelry Company got their start in Burma during the 1800s. Not too long ago, Omi Nagpal and his wife, Preeti, immigrated to the United States during the war in Burma with very little personal belongings and a few gemstones. Once in the U.S, the couple built their own gemstone house and kickstarted their brand, which came to be associated with the most valuable jewels in the world. Today, Niveet, Omi’s son, is head of the company and is based in Los Angeles, California. Niveet is the company’s lead designer and continues his family’s tradition of incorporating rare gemstones in their jewelry while maintaining a high-end status. Omi Prive Company prides itself in crafting handmade pieces and combining traditional and modern techniques when manufacturing their pieces. Their ultimate goal is to create a design that enhances the gemstone’s value and present their customers with only the best.