Norman Silverman Diamonds

Norman Silverman Diamonds (Est. 1983} is located in Los Angeles, California. It has made its mark by offering a prestigious selection of large and rare white diamonds, as well as impressive fancy yellows, pinks and blues. Starting as an apprentice cutter, owner Norman Silverman discovered his inner passion for the finest gems. He visualizes each stone as a one-of-a-kind finished piece of jewelry, and prides himself and the company’s ability to design treasures.
Silverman is often quoted as saying, “Let the diamonds do the talking.” The company is synonymous with the finest diamonds in the world and is known for maintaining value and integrity while catering to the jewelry wearer’s desires. From elegant engagement rings to fashion forward and timeless jewelry, Norman Silverman Diamonds are distinctive and please the most discerning eye. Every piece is handcrafted in platinum and/or 18k karat gold using the finest quality materials and craftsmanship.
The firm is well known for its commitment to excellence in every aspect of its memory making creations. Its designers pay meticulous attention to every single detail to ensure that every diamond, gemstone and piece of jewelry is crafted with the utmost perfection. This dedication to clients is what drives the firm to create perfect pieces intended to be passed down from generation to generation.
The firm’s jewelry creations have been recognized and won numerous design awards. The $2.5 Million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra is one of the brand’s major design accomplishments. Its other notable pieces include earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, eternity bands. Bridal engagement rings, halfway bands, and diamond fashion rings. Its major collections are named, Yellow Diamond, One of a Kind, Spiral, and East West.
Norman Silverman personally selects the most spectacular diamonds to handcraft each piece of jewelry into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. With over three decades of creating jewelry, Norman Silverman Diamonds has earned an exceptional global reputation with jewelry stores as well as a distinguished clientele list.
Silverman prides himself and his company on the ability to design remarkable treasures completely inspired by its diamonds.