Mizrahi of Beverly Hills aka Mizrahi Diamonds

Mizrahi of Beverly Hills aka Mizrahi Diamonds (Est. 2002) got its start when founder Rafi Mizrahi moved to Los Angeles, CA after finishing a stint in the Israeli army. He’d always been drawn to the drama of Los Angeles and wanted to try his luck in California.
To achieve his goal, Rafi and his brother, Yaniv, expanded their father’s diamond exporting business. The father, Moti Mizrahi, began his career as a diamond cutter who opened his export and manufacturing business in 1972.
In 2002, the sons joined their father as importers in Los Angles’ Jewelry District. Yaniv said in an interview with the Beverly Hills Courier, “We hand pick the stones, grade them and make something beautiful with them.”
Though initially losing money, initially, the Mizrahi brothers bounced back by focusing on rare pink and yellow diamonds. While these diamonds were popular in Europe, they hadn’t yet developed much popularity in the United States. When the brothers created a private, label collection that catered to these uncommon diamonds, business began to pick up and that developed into high demand.
Mizrahi uses non-conflict diamonds. Each gem is GIA or EGL certified. All work is done in the US. The Mizrahi brothers pride themselves on the quality of their creations and often collaborate with other artists to keep their designs fresh and unique. They can also update or restyle pieces to make them more fashionable. Their salon is appointment-only to provide their clients with the best service, privacy and personal attention.
In 2019, Mizrahi Diamonds won the grand prize at the Jewelers Choice Awards for best ring design. The annual event recognizes excellent design and innovation in jewelry. It was the first year Mizrahi decided to submit jewelry for consideration.
The firm sells fine fashion jewelry created in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, plus offers collections of yellow, white, and pink diamonds. Loose diamonds and luxury watches are also for sale by the firm.