Mike Joseph Jewelry

Mike Saatji, founder of Mike Joseph Jewelry, was born to a family of Jewelers in Armenia. Throughout his childhood, he would work on his craftsmanship and decided to pursue his hobby for real. When Saatji was 21, he started to set diamonds and gemstones into metals. Saatji studied long and hard with every intent on becoming a professional jeweler. He did many apprenticeships under prestigious jewelers all over the world in order to gain as much knowledge as possible of the craft. Eventually Mike Saatji went on to open his own factory with his brother, Joseph, and his business expanded rapidly. He has catered to brands throughout Europe and America, Alessio Boschi for example. In 2015, Saatji won first place in the ‘Gold Jewellery Below $20,000’ category at the Couture Design Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. This award popularized his brand and recreated it as ‘Mike Joseph’, a fine jewelery brand.