Midas Jewelry

Midas Jewelry (Est. 2018) was founded by the Cuban married couple, Leticia Fernandez Martinez and Yasel Gomez Garcia. It is a West Palm Beach, Florida based jewelry boutique that specializes in custom designs plus selling and buying gold. The company’s most popular items are Cuban pendants and Cuban links.
Cuban links are thick, rope chains made with solid gold. They are known for their weight as they are made with 100 grams of solid gold. They take 3-4 weeks to manufacture.
Cuban pendants are also known for their large size and weight. Many hip hop and rap artists wear Cuban pendants as status symbols.
In addition to the links and pendants, the company also sells wedding rings, earrings, women’s necklaces, and men’s rings.
Midas jewelry can be seen and purchased both from their storefront in Florida and online.