Michael Schofield & Co.

Michael Schofield & Co. (Est. 2008) is located in Bloomfield, Indiana and does not sell directly to the public, however, it will answer public emails requesting help or seeking a store where potential customers wish to place an order.
Michael Schofield & Co. carries elegant hand-made jewelry from around the world. Early in his adult life, Michael Schofield traveled extensively, and during his travels gained rich experiences that gave him a deep appreciation of the different worlds he visited.
With insights gained from his travels, more opportunities opened to him. With his heightened appreciation for what he discovered during his travels, he shared what he was learning. Along the way, Michael formed lasting relationships with friends, suppliers, and customers around the world. Largely influenced by his travels abroad, Schofield’s pieces are inspired by the historic symbolism placed on ornamentation, gemstones, and precious metals.
To gain a deeper understanding of gems, Schofield earned a Graduate Gemology Degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). His business is a member of the American Gem Society, The American Gem Trade Association, and the International Colored Gemstone Association. All these organizations have a commitment to educate consumers, support and give back to their communities, plus pledge to support industry responsibility, fair labor practices and environmental protections. All these reflect Michael Schofield’s world of diversity.
The firm currently offers the following collections to the trade: Ancient Designs, Gemstones, Gold, Gold Vermeil, Platinum, and Shangri-La Sterling.