Matilde Poulat (Matl) (???? – 1960) A native of Mexico City, Senorita Matilde Eugenia Poulat was an art school classmate of famed Mexican artist Diego Rivera. She opened her silver design workshop in 1934 with the mark, “Matl.” This mark was inspired by the Aztec word for water.
Her jewelry is known for its baroque detail work plus the feminine colors of Mexico. Her unique pieces feature delicate textured detailing and often use tiny coral and turquoise stones. Her pieces took many hours to create. Styles she employed include floral, shell, and bird shapes. Her work is considered among the most intricate of Mexican sterling silver designs.
Matl’s creations for jewelry and religious figures are part of the modernist, Mexican Silver Renaissance. Matl trained her nephew, Richard Salas to become a jeweler. After her death, he continued the Matl-Salas line until his death in 2006.
The Matl workshop provided jewelry for the movie “Frida” starring Salma Hayek.