Mason-Kay (Est. 1976) is a Denver-based jeweler that sells both loose jade and jade jewelry. Its inventory of natural, untreated jadeite jade is considered to be the largest in the trade. The business buys and sells, as well as provides full testing and value assessment services to the trade and the general public. The firm is a member of the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association), the JBT (Jeweler's Board of Trade) and the JVC (Jeweler's Vigilance Committee). Jeff Mason, one of the owners of the company was elected to the AGTA Board of Directors in 2015 and 2018.
The firm’s cache of raw, unrefined jade is thought to be the largest in the trade. They not only sell loose jade, but they also have developed a reputation for distinctive jade jewelry and design.
Jeff and Kristina Mason, owners of Mason-Kay, have over 60 years of combined experience in the jade industry. Jeff earned his Graduate Gemological degree from GIA Santa Monica in 1984. Kristina joined the business in the early 90’s and has been designing unique jade pieces since 2007.
In addition to dealing in natural jade, Mason-Kay founded the best equipped jade laboratory in the industry. It provides testing and appraisal services to the trade as well as to prospective customers. Using infrared spectroscopy, they can definitively identify treated jade (known as “B” jade). Mason-Kay is currently the only jade dealer in the U.S. to use this technology. It also offers warranties that assures customers that all jade bought from them is authentic and not treated.
Mason-Kay’s inventory can be accessed in an online jade showroom for those in trade. For customers, jewelry can be bought online at their site. Their collections are also shown ay JCK Las Vegas and the AGTA Tucson trunk shows.
In the company’s latest catalog, many of the featured designs were exclusively designed for Mason-Kay by Kristina. The company also offers a promotional packet that includes a newly updated Colors of Jade Color Chart which includes newly added technical jadeite info, a Guide to Natural vs. Treated Jade, Chinese Art Symbols & Characters, and a new designer jade brochure.