Martin Flyer

MARTIN FLYER (Est. 1945) When the Martin Flyer brand was introduced more than seven decades ago, it began life in the Bowery district of New York’s Manhattan Island. Today, the company is based in a 10,000 square foot facility in New York’s world famous diamond district and is still family owned and operated. Its current CEO is Joshua Kaufman is a member of the business’ third generation.
Martin Flyer specializes in creating fine jewelry, specifically bridal jewelry. The brand is known throughout the industry as a maker of fine quality semi-mounts that are most popular in bridal jewelry. Martin Flyer has also become a leader in platinum jewelry, focusing on timeless, classic styles.
Styles include four prong and semi-bezel diamond line bracelets, three stone semi-mounts of all shapes (including one, two, and three tapered baguette semi-mounts with strong sturdy shanks and hand crafted beads of all sizes), as well as eternity bands and other classics to match the semi-mounts. The firm also designs earrings and necklaces in a variety of styles.
The hundreds of glamorous designs in their featured engagement ring lines set the brand’s rings apart from other manufacturers. They create their elegant designs in 18k white and yellow gold, platinum or palladium many with beautiful side-stone diamonds. Delicately colored diamonds are also an option and can be used to create a one of a kind piece that express a couple’s individual style.
Martin Flyer uses platinum in their jewelry designs because it is one of the purest metals. The white color of platinum accentuates the high quality diamonds that decorate their bridal sets. Martin Flyer engagement rings are also available in palladium, white and yellow gold.
Palladium is a white and light precious metal that is less expensive than platinum but shines just as brightly. Partly due to Palladium’s lighter weight, more fine jewelry companies have introduced it into their fine fashion jewelry lines.
Always striving to reach a new level, Martin Flyer launched the “Flyerfit” in 2006. This special design was created to ensure wearers would find the fit of their engagement rings and wedding bands always comfortable no matter the circumstance. The unique technology they utilize prevents unsightly gaps between two rings so they sit flush together on the wearer’s finger.
Among other contributions to the jewelry industry, Martin Flyer created a system that educates the retailer about wedding ring styles and allows consumers to shop with knowledge, ease, and confidence. Called the “Five Classifications of Bridal,” it guides customers in their quest for perfect rings.
They identify wedding ring styles as Solitaire Engagement Ring Style – which bears a single stone. There is also the Three Stone Engagement Ring Style mounted with three stones; one in the center and two on the sides.
The Channel Engagement Ring Style has diamonds set in a channel with no metal separating the gem stones that gives the ring a modern look. The Shared Prong Engagement Ring Style places diamonds in the setting so they share prongs and less metal is seen. The design allows a maximum amount of light to enter from all angles for ultimate shine.
Finally, there is the Micro Pavé Engagement Ring Style. It conveys an antique look by the highly precise setting of very small diamonds and tiny beads of metal to surround each tiny diamond. While it conveys a traditional look, it is a fashion forward statement that combines contemporary style with an antique look.
A May 2017 article in National Jeweler reported that Just Jules and Martin Flyer were about to partner on a new, “non-traditional” bridal line inspired by the elements. Called Bohème “Lava” stackers, they are to be produced in 18-karat yellow, pink and white gold and diamonds.
In this new collection, each design focuses on the textures of its precious metals, all of which are recycled. The Bohème line will include refined and detailed engagement rings as well as wedding and commitment bands for both men and women.
Engagement rings will feature high dome rose-cut diamonds plus traditional round brilliant diamonds ranging in size from 0.50 carats to 2 carats and will also be available in white, rose and yellow gold. The wedding bands will be offered to either complement the engagement rings or as stackers designed to enhance what buyers may already own.
Bohème reflects the “Unity” aesthetic in wedding and commitment bands made with different textures for both men and women. The line uses the concept of “becoming one” as each pair is created from one ring and then separated. Creations can also be worn independently of the other.
While pieces in the collection begin at $999, the range includes pieces that can sell at up to $8,999 retail.
One of the most recognized designers in America, Martin Flyer has maintained its innovative appeal by using fine quality materials, offering outstanding service, creating irresistible designs and providing handcrafted collections of heirloom quality. Platinum and Precious Gold are used to create each ring while near colorless diamonds are naturally brilliant and never artificially enhanced.
Martin Flyer pieces can be purchased directly from the brand or can be found at one of the 150 retailers in North America who stock its creations.