Marisa Perry Atelier

Marisa Perry Atelier (Est. 2002) is operated by the married couple Marisa Perry and Douglas Elliott. The store is located in New York’s West Village and visitors are often greeted with a glass of champagne and an array of spectacular engagement rings and wedding bands. Marisa, the “face” of the business, directs the look and feel of the brand while Douglas handles the designing and creation of the lines. The couple met in 2001 when Marisa worked in marketing and Douglas was designing a namesake line for Neiman Marcus.
Douglas Elliott began his career as a fashion photographer, winning several awards for his work. One day, while on a shoot, a jewelry industry representative approached Douglas with a job offer. Soon after, he began learning about metal forging and jewelry work. He eventually went on to earn his certification in diamond grading and gemology at the Gemological Institute of America. When he created engagement ring designs for a new employer, they were considered a success. At the same time, he created and designed custom pieces for private clients, which led to coverage of him in magazines that included Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle.
When Marisa Perry saw Douglas’ designs, she was drawn to them and to him. In an interview with JCKOnline, Marisa said that Douglas presented her with an eight-strand pearl necklace and two rings and said, “This doesn’t obligate you to see me again.” Marisa replied, “If I was going to do something with you, I wouldn’t do it for pearls.”
Since opening Marisa Perry Atelier in 2012, Marisa and Douglas have carved out a reputation for creating exceptional rings and wedding bands and grown into one of New York’s premier engagement ring salons.
Along with the glasses of champagne, the Marisa Perry Atelier offers a one-on-one experience sometimes literally holding the hand of prospective husbands-as they search for the perfect ring. Said Marisa to JCK Magazine “We put people at ease. Millennials want to interact with someone side by side, like at an Apple store, before sitting down to look at loose diamonds.”
The brand’s jewelry collections are comprised of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and men’s cufflinks,
In addition to their own designs, Marisa Perry Atelier also carries Forevermark diamonds and boasts an inventory of hundreds of settings on par with their Fifth Avenue competitors. In the same interview, Perry said, “We’ve been to the Fifth Avenue jewelers, and we have more options than all of them combined.”