Maricela Isidro Pina

Maricela [Est. 1943 – 1986] In 1943, this shop opened in Taxco and was named for the daughter of the owner, Isidro (also spelled, ‘Ysidro’) Garcia Piña. Piña learned the art of silversmithing working with his brother-in-law, Damaso Gallegos.
Mexican silver jewelry marked, ‘Maricela’ was manufactured from 1943 to 1986 and is the trade name for items produced by Isidro Garcia Piña.
Maricela pieces include pins, brooches, and bracelets. They are often distinguished with circular, floral elements, vines, spirals, and pinwheels. Naturalistic silver orchids and scrolls are also used for adornment as are amethyst stones. Some pieces use pre-Columbian motifs.
Marks often read, “HECHO EN MEXICO” and “MARICELA TAXCO” in circular form.