Maple Leaf Diamonds

Maple Leaf Diamonds (Est. 2001) uses ethically sourced, conflict free diamonds, mined from Ekali, Canada’s first diamond mine located in the Northwest Territories. When delivered, each one comes laser engraved with a tracking number, the Maple Leaf insignia, and the Canada Mark (“certified diamonds of Canadian origin”).
These measures allow tracing of the diamond from the mine to all stages of its cultivation history. It also ensures that the diamond is of Canadian origin.
All Maple Leaf diamonds come with a separate Certificate of Origin, which has its exclusive tracking number.
In addition to selling engagement rings, the company also offers many collections including Circle of Love, Adoration, Diamond Bands, Pink Passion, Eternal Flames, Tides of Love, Love’s Foundation, Wind’s Embrace, Love Letters, Natural Fancy Yellow, the 150 Cut Collection, Platinum Perfection, A Touch of Colour, Casual Lux, and Seasons by Shelly Purdy.
Maple Leaf Diamonds can be found online at fine retailers and on their own website.