Manuel Altamirano

Manuel Altamirano (???? – ????) Master Mexican silversmith who worked for several of the best Taxco designers including Hector Aguilar, Valentin Vidaurreta, and Victoria. His work was so well respected he was often given permission to produce pieces these artists designed and use his own hallmark on them.
For example, a series of armadillo necklaces, bracelets, and buckles, marked for Hector Aguilar were probably designed and/or created by Manuel Altamirano. 
The “Armadillo” motif was first designed by Valentin Vidaurreta for Hector Aguilar. This design became very well-known and Altamirano made numerous pieces that used this motif and included bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and belt buckles.
Among the known marks for this artist are “M Altamirano”, “TAXCO”, “MEXICO” and “925” and “Manuel Altamirano.”