Los Castillo

Los Castillo (Don Antonio Castillo) (1923? – 2000) began  to work as a silversmith apprentice at sixteen. He worked in William Spratlings’ Las Delicias workshop. Trained in all aspects of the silver business he formed his own company los Castillo. He and his brother all trained in and learned the silver business. He based his early designs on Spanish Colonial ornaments, flowers, fish, feathers and scrolls. Later designs drew on pre-Hispanic motifs, using Turquoise, malachite, and mosaic.
In 1939, the Castillo brothers created their own company, Los Castillo.  The company is still in business and overseen by Emilia Castillo, Don Antonio’s daughter who is also a gifted designer. Los Castillo is known for sterling jewelry and fine pieces created in married metals that combine silver, copper, and brass. For a few years during the 1960’s, silversmith union members combined to produce work to be sold through Los Castillo.