Los Ballesteros

Los Ballesteros (1937 – ) Talleres de Ballesteros was established in 1937. Members of Los Ballesteros worked in small towns in the state of Guerrero, Mexico and employed the traditional apprentice system where fathers taught Silversmithing to their sons.
When J. M. Ballesteros who had been trained by his grandfather, Efrén Ballesteros and his godfather Daniel Fonseca Ballesteros, moved to Taxco they opened Los Ballesteros. By the 1950’s Ballesteros had opened shops in many tourist towns including Taxco where the business continues today. In 1952, the company began sales to foreign markets. This expansion was largely due to Ballesteros’ participation in important international jewelry and gift fairs.
The company has won awards for its designs and, in keeping with its beginnings, continues to commission pieces from independent silversmiths who meet Ballesteros’ standards.
The company describes its approach to jewelry creation as, “…specializ[ing] in the design, production, and commercialization of fine silver jewelry and silversmithing by means of traditional manufacture [with] handcraft as an intrinsic value. Producing and commercializing high quality product with exclusive designs … to our clients, artisans, and suppliers, have become a key feature for the sustainable growth of our company [using] techniques that have been passed on from one generation to the following.”
Nowadays, Talleres de Ballesteros is considered one of the most important companies producing jewelry and silversmithing in Mexico.