Lodewyk van Bercken

Lodewyk van Bercken was an inspired jeweler and diamond cutter active in the 15th century. He is known best for inventing the scaife in 1456, which is a polishing wheel. The scaife helped to increase diamond cutting production and popularize diamond jewelry. The invention also helped polish diamonds so certain angles worked best at reflecting light. The scaife revolutionized the diamond trade Van Bercken was approached by Charles the Bold and ordered him to cut a 137-carat diamond in the 1470s. The stone came to be known as the Florentine Diamond, and later asked Van Bercken to recut the famous Sancy Diamond. In 1475, Van Bercken invented the first Pear Cut Diamond. The shape was a breakthrough for diamonds based on excellence, shape, and symmetry of the stone.