Laura Cardillo

Laura Cardillo was born in Palermo, Italy and is best known for her unique jewelry designs that perfectly showcase her style and creativity. When Cardillo was younger she began weaving and added her own beadwork and lace to vintage clothing. By 13, she had taught herself how to weave her own jewelry with needles, thread and seed beads. Her pieces gained attention because of her peculiar patterns and color combinations. She also had created her own jewelry line while she was a teen and many of her pieces were being sold in stores and being worn in public. In 1982, Cardillo moved to Amsterdam where she was inspired by jewelry from the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. She began to study these pieces and learned how to make her own detailed designs based on prior decades. This concept became her brand’s signature and in 1983 she opened her own store containing her creations.