Lafonn (Est. 2010) lives up to its motto of, “Luxury Within Reach.” With 1000 retail partners worldwide, the company, founded by Molly Wang, seeks to empower women by creating well crafted, gorgeous, nominally priced jewelry.
The jewelry is manufactured in sterling silver, bonded with platinum or gold and set with the brand’s premier simulated diamond, named Lassaire. It is then paired with lab grown and genuine gemstones. Retail prices are usually between $100 and $300 price points and intended to appeal to Millennials and Gen Z, who have less disposable income and less emotional attachment to diamonds as are often found in earlier generations.
When Wong began her company, she faced hurdles as many fine jewelers were concerned about the “look of” Lafonn’s pieces that are achieved through technology and lab grown diamonds and gemstones. These jewelers were apprehensive that their customers would abandon real diamond jewelry which costs significantly more.
To overcome these concerns, Wang pitched her line as a “companion” to fine jewelry and as “travel jewelry for the higher-end client.” She revealed this in an InStyle Magazine interview. As women began personally buying their own jewelry, Lafonn offered “entry-level buy-ins” for fine jewelry.
Today, the brand has customers who personally purchase their engagement and wedding rings. Wang said in the same article, “When I started Lafonn, I was told consumers would only buy real diamonds for their engagement and wedding rings and simulated diamonds would never be considered.”
Wong ascribes her brand’s success to the strong, personal relationships with her retailers, her social media management and new, stylish collections which the brand launches three times a year, usually at the JCK Las Vegas shows. The interpersonal relationships that Wong developed has also grown into community action. Lafonn is a brand that supports the Susan G. Komen Orange County charity with its Pink Ribbon line.
Lafonn jewelry can be found online at Nordstrom, Blue Nile, Herzog Jewelers, and on the firm’s dedicated website.