Kwiat (Est. 1907) is a veteran diamond jeweler that for over a century has been known for its sophisticated rings with that feel contemporary but display a vintage design style. The business was founded by Sam Kwiat, who began his career as a diamond trader on Canal Street in New York City. Sam was respected as a diamond expert who specialized in refinishing older stones to improve their brilliance.
When Sam’s son, David, joined the business, he expanded the company’s range to include designing and manufacturing fine, diamond jewelry, particularly large diamonds. This led to the creation of the Kwiat Star that features eight marquis cut stones and 26 round brilliant cut diamonds in a bursting star formation suspended on a 16-inch 18k white gold chain.
As Kwiat’s reputation grew, jewelers like Harry Winston, Tiffany and Company, and Alexandre Reza flocked to Kwiat, regarding it as a supplier of brilliantly cut diamonds and jewelry designs. In fact, David acquired a 126-carat diamond that was made over as the famous Harry Winston, 50 carat, Teardrop of Africa.
In 1955, Kwiat created one of the first ever diamond catalogs. During the 60’s, Kwiat continued to establish itself as one of the premier diamond retailers. They relocated to a downtown New York address, which became the 47th Street Diamond District.
In the 60’s and 70’s, David’s sons, Sheldon and Lowell, pushed the company towards branding. They begin selling diamond jewelry directly to clients and collaborated with artists to raise money for many charities.
As a family company, it’s important to the Kwiats that their customers feel like kin. They believe that their personal touch and honest advice brings in and retains a faithful client base. Their website states “We take pride in our name and what it has come to stand for – diamond jewelry crafted with honesty and integrity.”