KB Jewelry

KB Jewelry (Est. 1975?) is a family business with over forty-five years of experience. KB Jewelers is dedicated to its customers and community. KB Jewelers is owned and operated by Khoren Bagdasarian and his son Robert, who build pieces using all kinds of stones.
The firm sells and specializes in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings. KB Jewelers can also design custom pieces. They can remount a stone or stones to create a more updated look, merge one piece with another, or create a custom piece of jewelry from scratch. With over fifty 50 years of collective experience, one of the business’ favorite practices is to collaborate with clients to make a perfectly suited piece for them.
They begin by going over the client’s ideas, pictures and sketches he or she brings in. The proposed piece comes to life in hand-drawn sketches or in photo realistic renderings, detailed down to every stone, curve and color. The design is adjusted until the customer is satisfied.
In the next step, the customer can hold, touch, and try on the piece using a model to get the fit just right. Finally, to bring the design to life, KB designers carefully set the stones and hand-finish the design to bring out every detail.
All jewelry repair and creation is done in house. The turnaround time for most repairs is 1-4 days with a free complimentary cleaning. All repairs are done on the premises – nothing leaves the store.
The firm specializes in gold, platinum, silver, diamond, and Estate jewelry.