Kaunis Koru

Kaunis Koru (Est. 1954 – 1989) Finnish in conception, spirit, and design, the Kaunis Koru shop was established in Helsinki in 1954 with the idea of designing and creating jewelry of pure form. It is known for beautiful spectrolite jewelry. Designs for its wide array of modern pins, rings, bracelets, brooches, and necklaces are often geometric yet simple, elegant, and timeless.
The careers of respected designers Paula Häivaoja, Björn Weckström, Pekka Piekainen and Mirjam Salminen were launched there. Simple refined shapes were produced into the 1980’s. The maker’s mark is two “K’s” back to back.
In 1989, the Finnish jewelry giant, Kalevala Jewelry bought Kaunis Koru, which was already well established in their passion for modern design. In the years since, the Kaunis Koru designs have become Kalevala’s modern jewelry line.
Among contemporary designers, goldsmith Mari Saari has added to the Kaunis Koru collection with trendy items aimed especially at the younger generation.
Another designer fulfilling the Kaunis Koru legacy is goldsmith and Master of Arts, Kirsti Doukas. She is currently the Head of Design at Kalevala Jewelry and among the best known jewelry designers in Finland. She has designed private collections for several companies but is best known for her stylish jewelry lines, such as Twinflower, Fountain, Dream and Polaris.
Kirsti Doukas first designed sophisticated silver jewelry collections for Kalevala Jewelry’s subsidiary, Kaunis Koru. When Kalevala acquired Kaunis Koru, existing design lines moved with Kirsti Doukas to Kalevala Jewelry’s collections.
Kirsti Doukas’ designs exhibit usability and beautiful clear forms. Her unique pieces have been showcased in significant exhibitions in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. Her pieces are modern and bold with detail finished designs.
The Finnish Goldsmith Association presented Doukas with the 1999 “Goldsmith of the year” award. She was also received a State Prize for Design in 2006 for significant merit in jewelry design.