Jane Bartel Jewelry

Jane Bartel Jewelry (Est. 2010?) On her official website, Jane Bartel writes. ““I have been creating fine jewelry for the past ten years, originally working in Los Angeles and now in New York. Growing up on the west side of LA, I spent hours taking the bus to the beach and combing the sand. My love of the ocean was set and I nearly became a marine biologist. However design and art won the day. I was the owner and creative director of a boutique graphic design studio for over twenty years in Los Angeles. Having a deep discipline in design translates directly to my jewelry practice.
“My passion now is carving wax models to be cast using the artisan ‘lost wax’ casting method. I create organic and sculptural pieces, sourcing gemstones that are inspired by my love of the ocean and nature.”
Bartel’s creations have been characterized as, “modern symbolic and eco luxe jewelry.”
In the blog on her website, Bartel explains, “For years, when asked about my jewelry inspiration and my story, I would quickly say “I am inspired by the ocean”. After all I grew up in west Los Angeles not far from the Pacific so this felt like a safe statement to make. But I have been thinking hard about what it really means to be inspired by the ocean.”
She began with beads and wire, gradually transitioning to metalwork and sophisticated wax carving. She now create organic and sculptural pieces.
Bartel’s jewelry collections include Oceans (comprised of rings, hoops, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, and earrings), Classics (with rings, earrings, and necklaces), and One-of-a-Kind (filled with rings and pendants).
Bartel’s work has ignited her interest in the mining industry. She is dedicated to only working with vendors who work with recycled and fair mined metals. She supports the Mercury Free Mining organization and is a member of the Ethical Metalsmiths group and the Women's Jewelry Association.
She donates a portion of each jewelry sale to the Heal The Bay foundation in Santa Monica, California.