Jack Kelége & Co.

Jack Kelége & Co. (Est. 1972) is the eponymously named company that Kelége established in 1972 in Los Angeles, California. After arriving there years earlier, Kelége rented one bench in a two-bench shop from a friend. A fellow Russian then gave him work designing special orders in platinum and diamonds.
Kelége knew from an early age that he planned to follow his family tradition of jewelry making. At seven years old, he wanted to create a piece but had no metal, so he raided the family flatware. “My mother had an old solver set. I melted a spoon and made a ring, and to this day she hasn’t forgiven me,” he’s revealed in interviews.
A jeweler via heritage (both his father and grandfather sat at a jeweler’s bench)-Jack Kelége made magic of metal and stones. Born in the former Soviet Union, Kelége came to the United States in 1971 with little more than talent and desire to create stunning jewelry. Unable to speak English, Kelége’s skills as a diamond setter, engraver and bench jewelers spoke for him as he slowly built up a clientele that had no trouble understanding his attention to detail and love of fine jewels.
Today, Jack Kelége is known as an artist, master craftsman, and an uncompromising perfectionist dedicated to the excellence in every facet of his craft. He is both the designer and manufacturer of his collections. His attention to each individual piece is what makes his jewelry “heirlooms in the making.” Every piece of jewelry is tailored to fit its respective diamonds and gemstones with precision.
Jack Kelége & Co. employs some of the finest bench jewelers in the world and who were hand-picked and mentored for an average of twenty years by Jack himself.
He told the website, Tivol, “All of my artisans have the same strict standards of perfection that I have. I am fortunate to have a staff made up of such remarkable talent. They take enormous pride in their life’s work.”
It is uncommon in a world of mass manufacturing to find so many extraordinary individuals in one company. Kelége and his staff frequently work for months on a single design or piece of jewelry to ensure that their clients receive nothing short of perfection.
Each one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece is made in the company’s Los Angles studio and individually numbered. Even in his intricate pavé designs, all diamonds are Russian cut, D-F color, and VVS-flawless clarity.
The company’s advanced technology, timeless designs, and innovative crafting techniques, combined with Kelége’s devotion to perfection create styles and quality only dreamed of by great masters of yesteryear.
Jack Kelége is unique in that he is both the designer and manufacturer of his own collections. Every piece of jewelry is tailored to fit its respective diamonds and gemstones with precision. Jack and his staff frequently work for months on a single design or piece of jewelry to ensure that the clients receive nothing short of perfection.
According to the brand’s official website, “Design is always subjective. You may like a style or not. However, quality is objective. Above all, I want people to look at any of my pieces and recognize their superior craftsmanship and quality.”
With this obsession for quality and detail, his company has become known as a pinnacle among fine jewelers. The company’s advanced technology, timeless designs, and innovative crafting techniques, combined with Jack’s devotion to perfection result in amazing pieces of jewelry that are and remain timeless.
Jack Kelége diamond engagement rings and wedding jewelry sets for women are handcrafted in platinum and 18K gold. The men’s bands exude strength and longevity. Jack Kelége’s selection of men's bands are suited for a variety of lifestyles and tastes and are crafted in either high-karat gold or platinum.
The Forever XO Collection is a bridge to both his acclaimed bridal collection and his more fashion-forward fine jewelry. The pieces in this collection boast intricate yet classic designs that are made to be the perfect wedding or anniversary gift.
The Gatana Collection combines beauty, strength and elegance in every design. Comprised of diamond rings, earrings and bangles set in 18k white and yellow gold, each design assures stunning and intricate lattice framework.
The Grace Collection is a nod to the brand’s beginnings. With a commitment to the art of hand-engraving and truly handmade forms, the pieces display the multi-generational heritage that began with Jack's grandfather. Each ring in this collection is imbued with the understanding that an heirloom piece should also be multi-generational. With the jewelers’ mastery of vintage and classic styles, Grace rings are breathtaking.
The Imperial Silhouette Collection is for those who love classic forms with quiet details. Each ring is carefully crafted with arching bridges of gold or platinum to delicately rest on a finger, secretly nestled under the center stone. Inspired by light peeking through the trusses of royal castles, this collection is a hint to timeless forms.
Heirlooms from the Demi Collection take on a playful life of their own. Half traditional, half modern, the flourishes woven within each Demi Collection ring express a commitment to boldness and newness. Twists and arcs of diamonds wrap around a finger, creating interest from every angle. Connecting contemporary shapes with a mastery of gold and platinum, the collection spotlights the ultimate expression of beauty, strength, and adventure in every design.
Honoring those who came before him the Flora Collection was created to honor of Jack's mother Flora. This signature collection gently blossoms with exquisite diamonds tucked within petals of precious gold and platinum. With touches of twirling scrolls and hidden leaves, this feminine heirloom will delight for generations.
The Sirela Collection captures the feeling of surrounding love with embraces of accent diamonds. Based on the Armenian word for "beloved," the Sirela Collection features two arms of perfectly-matched diamonds, encircling one stone. The designers create a fine milgrain detail around each pavé-set diamond, attracting attention to every turn of the hand.
The Heritage Collection radiates creativity tailored to an owner’s personal jewel. Shaped with ornate profiles, a mixture of complementary shapes, and over-the-top elegance, the brand created the Heritage Collection to hold a grandiose center diamond. As they personally set an owner’s diamond at the Sherman Oaks, California master studio, Jack and the designers compose each Heritage ring to perfectly hold any shape and style of diamond.
The firm also specializes in fine jewelry comprised of necklaces, bands, bracelets, and earrings. Sophisticated colored yellow diamond and pink diamond rings are set with the finest diamonds and precious stones.
After thirty-eight years of business in Los Angeles, Jack designed and built a new state-of-the-art studio. With his staff of highly-skilled jewelry artisans, personally molded and educated by Kelége himself, each with over twenty years of experience, every piece continues to be manufactured in-house.
Now approaching fifty years and countless one-of-a-kind pieces, Kelége’s work defies description. Crafted from hand-worked platinum, the finest diamonds and gold; each ring, bracelet, earring or necklace is a unique piece of art.
“I create five to six new pieces every week, and I’m designing every day. My standards are very high, and every creation is based on quality and simplicity.” – Jack Kelége