Héctor Aguilar

Hector Aguilar (1905 – 1986) Designer, silversmith, workshop and studio owner. First apprenticed with William Spratling in 1937. In 1939, he opened Taller Borda and recruited several of Spratling’s finest silversmiths to go with him. Taller Borda closed in 1966.
Around 1943, during World War II when there was a metal shortage in the United States, he secured a contract to produce silver jewelry for the large, American costume jewelry firm, Coro. His workshop manufactured handmade jewelry until about 1950.
Among the investors in Aguilar’s workshop was Valentin Vidaurreta, a talented artist in his own right and among the creators responsible for many of Aguilar’s early designs.
Aguilar’s jewelry lines were inspired by Aztec and Mixtec art and architecture. All of Hector Aguilar’s work is highly collectible and actively sought by Mexican Silver enthusiasts.