Graziella Laffi

Graziella Laffi (???? – 2009) Modernist designer born in Florence, Italy. She moved to Lima, Peru and drew inspiration for her work from Peru’s rich architectural past. In the 1950’s she began producing pieces in silver and mixed silver and gold. Her works of art include many sterling silver jewelry pieces in both modern and pre-Columbian designs.
Her decorative copper pieces are equally stunning. These include bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, and hollowware that often incorporate Inca and pre-Inca motifs and symbolism. Birds are often and important characteristic element of her designs.
She is called, “The Spratling of Peru” because experts suggest that her creations rival the masterworks created in Mexico. While her work was highly sought after during her lifetime, they became even more desirable collectibles after her passing.