Gimor Milano

Gimor Milano (Est. 1960’s) This firm’s official website says the Gimor brand has been synonymous with refinement and quality in Italy for over forty years. The brand was born in the 1960’s by Giuseppe Moruzzi and, during its history, has developed by combining jewelry making traditions with innovation to maintain the latest trends. It is exemplified by the Moruzzi family’s love for the art of the jewel handed down from one generation to another.
The latest generation is comprised of a new creative team looking to expand the firm’s Italian-made creativity abroad. Its headquarters is a few steps away from Piazza Duomo, the center of art and fashion in Milan.
Its creations are examples of refined and elegant jewels with unique style and features. Its latest collections are inspired by the beauty of nature and are produced with creativity and skill by the brand’s crafts people. The result is original combinations with the selection of precious stones and quality metals coming, exclusively, from conflict free areas and following social and environmental ethics.
The brand’s rings flow like dazzling lights in volume and shapes of timeless creations. The austere elegance these achieve have found admiration and success from fine-jewelry connoisseurs worldwide.
The soul of Gimor jewels is the design. In its selection of earrings, the designs come to life in the expert hands of the brand’s team of goldsmiths. They enhance these jewels with allure and a celebration of beauty and aesthetic perfection.
Whimsical extravagance switches to a delicate sobriety in the firm’s collection of pendants. These give life to contemporary, versatile and eclectic jewels. Japanese textures and floral motifs create unusual forms and extraordinary style.
Its selection of bracelets are appealing pieces of art as well as jewelry that is both decorative and fascinating. A long lasting love for perfection and beauty, these objects are what trendy and influential women wish to wear on their wrist.