Galaxy USA, Inc.

Galaxy USA, Inc. (Est. ????) is a New York based company that has been serving the diamond industry for over twenty five years as a wholesaler of a vast range of loose and natural fancy color diamonds, important investment stones, matched pairs, and layouts in all shapes and sizes.

With overnight shipping and buying offices in all major worldwide diamond centers, Galaxy guarantees that its prices are competitive. Galaxy maintains an exclusive collection of Natural Fancy Color GIA diamonds in all shapes, sizes and colors.
The firm also specialize in a vast range of loose diamonds, including Certified Stones (GIA / EGL) Rounds, Fancy Shapes, and commercial goods ranging from $100 to $5000per carat in Rounds & Fancy Shapes.

Fancy Shapes include Marquises, Pear Shapes, Princess Cuts, Heart Shapes, Ovals, Emerald Cuts, Radiant Cuts, Asscher Cuts, Baguettes, and Trillions.

Single Cut diamonds come in all sizes in White, White Natts, and TLB.

The firm carries GIA certified diamonds ranging from commercial yellows and blacks to high value pinks and blues to collector reds and violets. In white, it carries all shapes, sizes, colors and clarities with an emphasis on 3 cts+ diamonds. Its white inventory has certified and non-certified diamonds.