Gabriel Flores

Gabriel Flores (???? – ????) After working at Las Delicias for William Spratling, his foreman, Hector Aguilar opened his own workshop, Taller Borda in 1939. Among the many individuals who worked for Aguilar and are now recognized in their own right for their jewelry creations are Gabriel Flores, Manuel Altimirano, Pedro and Reveriano Castillo, Roberto Cuevas, Damaso Gallegos, José Luis Flores, and Valentin Viadaurreta.
Flores worked for Aguilar for ten years. He was allowed to use his own GF hallmark along with Aguilar’s eagle # 9 and the Taller Borda hallmark. Few pieces were designed by this great artist but those that were include silver bracelets, rings, pins, and cuff links. Collectors like his combination of style and detail. His work is lovely and rare.