Facet Barcelona USA, Inc.

Facet Barcelona USA, Inc. (Est. 1987) was originally established, as its name suggests, in Barcelona. It quickly became the largest diamond distribution company in Spain transforming a market that only experts could access into an accessible destination. It is an innovative, international fine jewelry brand that offers designer jewelry with diamonds and gemstones set in 14kt & 18kt gold.
By 2005, the evolution in the diamond market motivated the company to establish its own jewelry factory in Mumbai, India, which, at its peak, employed over 500 specialists in diamonds. These experts were involved in the manufacture of high quality gold and diamond jewelry combining the most advanced technology and machinery on the market with precision, experience and quality of craftsmanship.
Year after year, Facet continued to evolve with the creation of new collections and innovative jewelry concepts, such as rings with an exclusive multisize system, 3D printing manufacturing, as well as the incorporation of the most advanced technology to allow verification and guarantee that all the firm’s diamonds are natural.
Owned and managed by experienced fourth-generation jewelry craftsmen and diamond dealers, the Facet Group is dedicated to selecting the most precious diamonds and has, for more than 30 years, created unique pieces.
With sales offices in Paris, New York and Munich, as well as its headquarters in Barcelona, this diamond specialist has made the strategic choice to be at the heart of vibrant fashion centers by designing its most exquisite jewelry.
From bold, stylish and fashionable trends to classic collections, Facet Barcelona provides retailers with a wide range of items to suit discerning customers and value seekers alike. Drawing inspiration from fashionable trends to iconic classical jewelry pieces, Facet Barcelona prides itself on its ability to identify the jewelry industry’s needs and fill the gaps in the market.
Among the collections from which jewelry retailers can stock and offer their customers are Classic, Trends, and Tennis that are comprised of earrings, pendants, bracelets, and bangles in contemporary designs as well as in everyday pieces
Facet Barcelona is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a non-for-profit organization promoting ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the entire supply chain.
With sales offices in Barcelona, New York, Paris, and Munich, the company services its clients regionally with a trustworthy and experienced mobile sales force. Facet Barcelona exhibits at the world’s largest gem and jewelry fairs, including JCK Luxury, Baselworld, and the Hong Kong Gem & Jewellery Fair.
Facet Barcelona guarantees that all its natural diamonds have been verified through the J-Secure technology with the ‘NATURAL DIAMOND GUARANTEE’ stamp.