Dámaso Gallegos

Dámaso Gallegos (1890 – 1976) Héctor Aguilar, who got his start working in the William Spratling workshop, Taller de Las Delicias, attracted, nurtured, and nourished many artists to perfect their skills when they worked in Aguilar’s shop, Taller Border. Many went off to achieve success in their own right. One of these was Dámaso Gallegos.
He moved to Taxco in 1940, worked at Taller Border, then opened his own workshop, La Amatista in 1941. In addition to working in silver, Gallegos was also a goldsmith and produced gold pieces for Taller Borda. 
He achieved his fame during what is known as, ‘the golden age of silver jewelry production in Taxco, Mexico.’ He used a modernist style in the pins, Mexican scenic bracelets, hair clips, table, flatware, and Christmas pins & earrings (machine made, hand finished) he created in silver and gold.
When he died in 1976, his son, Antonio continued the business.