Crivelli Gioielli

Crivelli Gioielli (Est. 1970s) In the 1970’s, Bruno Crivelli founded Crivelli with the intent to transform his vast experience and craftsmanship into the company known today as Crivelli-Gioielli. In a December 2013 interview with the online magazine, AVRVM, he said, “Passion and hard work have always [been] my inspiration. As time went by I was feeling increasingly cramped in my work so I decided to set out alone, taking total control of the production, design, creation and commercializing my samples, taking on the role of representative and seller.”
Bruno Crivelli was born in Valenza Po in Piedmont, the region known as the creative heart of Italian goldsmiths. While still a young man, he began his career as an artisan specializing in creating striking settings. Upon setting out on his own, he began with a collection of forty exclusive pieces that concentrated on contemporary lines and superior execution. Success was immediate bringing his brand international attention.
Today, it is recognized well beyond Italy. Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East have welcomed its Italian taste for balance and creativity and the ability to produce prized creations that evoke ancient, classic culture in fashionable styles that add modern twists.
In the AVRVM interview, Crivelli goes on to say, “Apart from the Italian market, which is our largest and oldest, our work has always attracted great interest abroad… Russian and German consumers are great lovers of Italian design. They have a solid economic position and have shown a renewed interest in jewelry. We need to make careful choices regarding balance, size, and thickness that reflect precise rules of ergonomics and wearability. Italian style is one of the most sought-after in the international market because of [its] mastery of balance and creativity and the ability to invent precious goods which reflect antiquity with good taste and modernity.”
Crivelli pieces are known for chromatic combinations of precious stones, surfaces covered in refined enrichments, and sparkling twinkles that embellish the hidden spaces with incredible textures. Crivelli Gioielli jewelry is created in limited editions as well as one-of-a-kind pieces that make some of their creations alluring to those who desire jewelry unlike anyone else’s.
Crivelli has collections with names that include Bloom, Sprinkle, Dome and Craquelè. Current collections include cocktail rings studded with diamonds in opulent designs.
The firm’s official website states, “The quality craftsmanship, the preciousness of stones and fine metals in concert, [and] original setting designs all composed with a high level of creativity, without sacrificing the extreme refinements, is Crivelli.”
The site further states, “Crivelli produces jewelry in limited edition as well as unique pieces of extraordinary high quality … underlining the refined elegance as a characteristic of the jewelry. Crivelli revises the classical style in its own manifold multicolored way. Today Crivelli [is] synonymous [with] richness: chromatic combinations of precious stones, surfaces covered in refined enrichments, [and] sparkling twinkles that embellish the hidden spaces with incredible textures.”
Six themes characterize Crivelli style. Colors include gold, spanning from white to yellow to rose and burnished gold, and range from classic to a more contemporary style.
Bruno Crivelli has a particular passion for diamonds and often uses them in important pieces to enhance the creation’s purity and elegance. In recent years, the brand has begun introducing a wider variety of color into its pieces including blue shades that are deeper than sapphires and tanzanite, the green of precious emeralds, warmer shades of rubies and rubellites up to the most delicate of tourmalines.
The company relies on refined craftsmanship but also uses the latest technical innovations to create high-end jewels in limited edition or as one-off pieces. The company won the Best Italian Jewellery Brand Collection prize in 2012 during the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards.
At Baselworld 2016, Crivelli launched its new advertising campaign around three collections: La Cromia Delle Pietre, La Purezza Della Luce and L’eccellenza del colore. Diamonds continue as Crivelli favorites displayed in different cuts and carats. Pink diamond is used in La Purezza Della Luce and emeralds are channeled in L’eccellenza del colore. Paraibas, tanzanites, tourmalines, opals and colored pearls enhance the creations in La Cromia Delle Pietre.
In addition to its boutique in Valenza Po, another is on Fifth Avenue in New York and a new one should soon open in Capri, the isle that, every year, welcomes the international jet-set.
Crivelli is distinguished by fine jewelry that ranges from small series of products with unique pieces of exceptional quality. Each piece reworks classic styles into infinite variations where beauty, purity and passion remain the eternal constants