Charles Krypell

Charles Krypell (Est. 1976 – ) When admirers and/or potential customers of Charles Krypell’s jewelry learn that he began his career by studying sculpture, they begin to understand what attracted them to his creations. Krypell, a native New Yorker, graduated from the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a degree in fine arts and a specialty in sculpture.
Upon graduation, Krypell says he had no intention to go into the jewelry business. However, after graduation when he needed a job, he answered an ad from a jeweler looking for help with wax models. Charles so enjoyed the work, he fell in love with jewelry-making, and within a year opened his own business on a shoestring and, in his own words, “never looked back.”
During this period, Charles apprenticed with and worked alongside master carver turned sculptor, Toshio Odate. Using the sculptural skills learned when with Odate, Krypell launched his career as a jewelry designer when he introduced his first collection in 1976.
Over the past four decades, Krypell has created timeless jewelry for sophisticated collectors. He enjoys working in three-dimensional media, including stone. When Charles realized it could take 30 years to master the craft of sculpture and become a success, he turned to creating jewelry. He soon recognized that working on a smaller scale let him design timeless pieces with greater speed and efficiency. Nonetheless, this did not diminish his aesthetic goals nor the quality of his finished pieces.
His exquisite, perfectly balanced jewelry makes clear that one artistic craft flows seamlessly into the other. Charles utilizes his sculptor’s eye, artistic talent, and keen insight into human nature to fashion premier jewelry lines. His designs that range from gorgeous, affordable sterling silver and gold jewelry to upscale, one-of-a-kind, precious stone and metal jewelry.
Charles Krypell specializes in platinum designs incorporating natural fancy colored pink, yellow, and white diamonds, 18K gold jewelry with semi-precious gemstones, and sterling silver/18K yellow gold, two-tone designs with diamonds.
Krypell does not design by season. Because tastes come and go, his jewelry gives his clients the ability to build on his or her collection of pieces at their own pace and, over time, find a unifying quality of craft among all of them. Krypell doesn’t do fads he says. He makes jewelry that “transcends generations.”
Krypell’s official website describes his jewelry as “wearable, sculptural, [and] colorful. It moves … [it] modulates.”
The site goes on to declare that “Charles considers his work particularly well suited for the male buyer. Men who purchase jewelry, he says, are creatures of habit. They love to buy for that special person, but they hate to search. Anxious about selecting just the right gift, such men find Krypell jewelry an easy choice for now–and the future–because Krypell styles, while contemporary enough to attract the sophisticated buyer of today, are traditional enough to be worn for generations.”
Currently, his lines includes four collections that first began with the Precious Pastels Collection. This is a celebration of gemstones in platinum and 18-karat gold settings that highlights the soft colorings of the stones. Colored diamonds in particular are the centerpieces of these jewels.
In the Pastel Collection, the color choices for the gems are vibrant and spectacular. There are tourmalines, peridots, aquamarines and rubellites. These pieces are bright and vivacious. They are also suitable for formal and casual wear.
The 18k Gold Collection features bold, dramatic, and design forms with diamonds.
The Sterling Silver Collection is fashioned with accents of sterling, gold, diamonds, pearls, and sapphires. Since platinum and 18-karat gold are very expensive, sterling silver makes this collection more affordable for buyers of modest means. In addition, the Sterling collection embraces a casual lifestyle for women who love to wear jewelry for its own sake rather than just for work or for special occasions.
Many people are attracted to sterling silver because of factors that other precious metals cannot meet: Sterling silver has the brightest shine compared to other metals. Its white shiny look exudes glamour that fits both formal and casual wear. Sterling silver is also durable and easily customized or repaired because it is more malleable than gold or platinum.
Due to its malleability, sterling silver can also be cast with more style and artistry. Furthermore, sterling silver complements other precious metals and materials, such as, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum, even brass, copper, and leather.
Charles’ latest design inspirations incorporate natural elements such as wood, leather, and metal to fashion a men’s and women’s belt collection. Charles wanted to create a modern yet traditional line of belts handcrafted from solid precious metals such as sterling silver, gold, and platinum.
Many of the signature belts also incorporate the finest and brightest hand set sapphires in patterns that give a dramatic jewelry-inspired look that goes perfectly with other pieces in Charles Krypell collections.
Charles has been contracted to design jewelry for royalty, celebrities, and specialty collectors. It did not take long for Charles Krypell to become recognized as a leading innovator in the jewelry world.
Among Charles’ more famous patrons is business woman and philanthropist, Margaret Adderley Kelly. The sets designed for her include a Cartier Kashmir sapphire ring and an Art Deco diamond pendant necklace along with large diamond and gold suites, a variety of pearls and several ruby and sapphire pieces.
Ms. Kelly, with her husband, the late William R. Kelly, and their son, Mr. Terence E. Adderley, created the national employment agency and recruitment firm, Kelly Services, Inc. that employs more than half a million people globally. The iconic “Kelly Girl” was a household name by 1957.
Many top department stores and retailers also recognize the talents of Charles Krypell and have given his collections case space and promotion in their locations. Krypell Collections continue to be featured in private auctions held at Sothebys, Christie’s and Heritage Auctions.
Krypell compares his jewelry creations to paints that beautify a canvas. He insists that his rings, earrings and pendants would have no artistic value without the wearer. Yet, his own perception of form and style and his background in the dimensionality of sculpture, give his work a recognizable uniqueness. His pieces are infused with energy, form, movement, and depth.
As he pushes design boundaries, Charles utilizes his sculptor’s eye, artistic talent, and keen insight into human nature to fashion one of the world’s premier jewelry lines.
“A woman needs to be animated,” says Charles. “She needs to wave her hands [and] live life to the fullest.” With this vision inspiring his work, Charles designs jewelry meant to be enjoyed from multiple approaches and dimensions, just like a piece of sculpture.
“I want my clients to enjoy the piece at every single angle,” he explains. For example, details on his pink diamond ring encompass both the top and underside of the ring to create flow, movement and balance. Charles focuses not only on the all-around design of the metal, but also on how it embraces the stone.
By combining his artistic talent, a desire to create and a commitment to marketing, Charles Krypell defines what is elegant and timeless in precious jewelry.