Bent Gabrielsen

Bent Gabrielsen (1928 – ) Danish designer who was in the first graduating classes of the Danish College of Jewelry and Silversmithing. In 1949, he qualified as a goldsmith after apprenticing with Copenhagen goldsmith, Ejler Fangel.
Gabrielsen was also among the first group of students at the Goldsmith’s Academy where he graduated with top grades in 1953. He was immediately hired by the Hans Hansen Solvsmedie and worked there until 1969. When he left, he was responsible for the firm’s entire production.
He then opened his own workshop called “Gabrielsen’s Guldsmedie”. Only he and his wife were employees. A large part of his production was sold in Japan.
When Gabrielsen won the Lunning Prize in 1964, .Erik Bohr, Chairman of the Lunning Committee wrote, “Bent Gabrielsen’s jewelry carries absolute conviction as to its function; his handling of materials is so restrained and well considered that one feels this could hardly be otherwise. His jewelry is simple and clearly constructed, often with links connecting naturally with each other so that the complete piece makes up a beautiful whole. Every single detail of his things is worked out. There are no false effects. He does not take the easy way out.”
In addition to Hans Hansen, Gabrielsen designed for Georg Jensen where he used a combination of metals, enamels, ebony and ivory. Among his more famous designs is a necklace whose individual links resemble sycamore seed pods and shows one of his signature styles: highly figurative, individual links repeated to create an overall unity. Gabrielsen also designed hollowware pieces with unique surfaces that play with light.